Workshops - Floral Quilts

Length - 3 day to 5 days

Level- Beginning to advanced
Sewing machine needed

This workshop will help you translate your floral and organic ideas into appliqué and fabric.  There will be an emphasis on design as well as the best techniques to accomplish your ideas. We will view slides of other artists interpretations of flowers in many mediums to expand our thinking from the traditional geometry of quilts.

• Close-up photos of flora  (as many views as possible, including leaves, blossoms, buds, etc.)
OR a real plant or bouquet (see Visual Bibliography Resource)
• Check Visual Bibliography Resource listing  for some nice flower and plant photo books.
• Drawing materials: Paper, pencils, tracing paper, etc.
• Sewing basics: scissors,pins, etc.
• Sewing machine, in good working order
• Open-toed embroidery foot - optional, but very useful (#20 Bernina)
• Stick glue: archival, washable UHU is fine
• Masking tape, craft knife with #11 blade,
• Fusible interfacing: white, medium weight, 4-6 yds. Shir Tailor by Pellon is best.
• Wonder Under or some kind of iron-on adhesive
• Rotary cutter, mat and ruler
• Fabrics: a good range of fabrics - solids, prints from light to dark, plenty of greens
• Threads: basic and fancy threads
• Flannel or some other method for pinning work to the wall-optional
• Digital camera-optional, but very useful

-Click Floral Quilts.pdf for printable supply list-

Large projection screen
Sturdy table for projector and laptop
2-3 quilt hangers or other safe way to display quilts
2 tables for teachers use
3-5 irons and ironing stations
Electrical cords and extensions, multiple-outlet strip, adaptors, lighting (if necessary)
Plenty of workspace for each student