Sassaman Spring Trio Quilt

Welcome to my website! I am an artist who makes quilts both fine and fun. My art quilts are appliquéd fabric collages. My fun quilts are made with the fabric that I design for FreeSpirit. Almost all of these are influenced by the natural world which surrounds me here in rural Northern Illinois.

So my year is divided into segments that are punctuated by design deadlines and teaching dates. February first and August first are my fabric designing targets, as well as Spring and Autumn International Quilt Market preparations. My schedule for workshops, near and far, is spread throughout the year and creates many more bookmarks to measure my time. And all the spaces between are devoted to making as many fine art quilts as I possibly can!

This lifestyle is both solitary and social. Solitary time in the studio and social time visiting with students and quilting friends on the road. So this site is for sharing the outcome of this life in textiles and design.

Sassaman Spring Trio Quilt Detail

Here is a new art quilt project which was finished recently. Our country home is surrounded by big oak trees and under their canopy is a wealth of shade-loving native wildflowers.

Every spring I look forward to the arrival of bloodroot, trillium, jack-in-the-pulpit, solomon's seal, baneberry, may apples and many others. This quilt, Spring Trio celebrates this exciting season of growth. You can follow the progress of this quilt in the making on my blog.


Sassaman Folk Tales Fabric

Another project came to fruition with the introduction of my latest FreeSpirit fabric collection, Folk Tales. As the name implies this group of fabrics lean on traditional European folkart for its inspiration. If you imagine a wooden cottage with embroidered curtains, hand woven rugs, colorful feather filled duvets and tiled stoves, you are spot on. This series has lots of cozy potential to brighten up our homes for the winter months.

Of course, these fabrics have fabulous potential for quilted projects, too. We will be showing off more quilt and home decor ideas on the blog in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Sassaman Folk Tales Fabric

The first big event for 2018 is a two woman show with Betty Busby at the Visions Art Museum in San Diego, The Nature of Things. There is an artists opening on January 20 and a walk-around tour and talk the folowing day. We would love to see you there!